Swam Too Deep:
Of Immense... suffering
My Love.... Waterlogged
A Depth so deep, I could Die
I'm going in one last time
In the bunk sleeps 17 desperate men
I unearthed it from the dunes and it looks just like me
blue synthetic flesh
I'm a slave to the sea
The horizon divides serpentine
My Heart... Goes Out
Blast came too far
I'm going in one last time

and I swam too deep (x3)

More Than Nothing Hangs an Arch
Perfume of dust cuts the air
as silver Dust

I awake upon Descent
A lacerated trail of which...
what have I to gain

But Impact/land
A glance crumbles in my

It's too Late

and I stand cities revealed by
it's vermin's tears, I stand, aged before
a broken frame takes the form to kneel
in scattered waiste

But I strike first, a
taste of venom, from which I found myself here


There's something wrong in these woods

Maxine and death

Sunk Ship: 
Pulls the tide in..
That rusted 3 am shack
on a busted form at last
You found yourself in the same fuckin place
alas a glimpse in the far sea
to a blackened window, I'll shiver at the lusted cause
the main liner, the inbred
that Mirage confine
an unfolding sight
30 odd leagues deep
I take them further still
scrape the bottom
crank to no end

anchoring in...
Sent by the sea...

Submerged, a slave ship
My own stench, I'm bleached
out waist on the shore line
can't beacon the tide closer still
my body heaves, junct to a rotton sun
I watch them burn
My eyes close an image
the fish flesh rains
and I'm fucked on a Sunk ship

anchoring in...
Sent by the sea...


As Isn't:
Paralized Grip
Grip on the last vestige

they were all your friends
they were all your options
they were all your interests
all foes in your hands
enemies in your heart-felt words
uncertainty for uncertainty
(x2) what are you going to do?

Left feared
as is

Flood weather came over
I had no idea things would get this far
it doesn't feel worth saying
and your constituents fall out of your mouth
one by one, discarded, naked and blank
I don't trust them and I don't know why I'm here
grey hopefuls, never catching up with there longing
(x2) and they started hear


Cave Gravity:
Upon my desperate return,
there are fires in the flats ablaze
a golden mirage
dead ahead
where has our theater ended and our terror began?
a bitter 5 years in
hiding from what we found

||Shut Down||Calcified in the dark||

this time back has made no sense at all

[Amongst the Graves there]
[Stench of contained air]

...a masterful mark shed in december's gleam
...mostly because of the flames I share

[A mask of our selves]
[the ash of our selves]

the hills I remember
torn, flooded, eroded and bare


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